November 1, 2018

Michael Grosso

"I have researched this company, contacted references and have found that they are able to put in writing a guarantee resolution, they don’t hide behind hidden fees or try just getting people in the front door. The reviews here seem to be people who never did business with them or rather are their competition. If you actually look at their record of resolutions and how often they rebill clients, you would find they are much different from other tax resolution firms. Call and ask for references of business owners that have a resolution, have reductions and what that process looks like because it’s much different than just charging thousands of dollars to get an installment agreement in place."
June 1, 2018

Laura Sharp

"After dealing with John Bok at Integrity I can say my experience was literally life saving. I got a complete new lease on life. I have found my experience with all of the employees there to be pleasant and engaging. If it wasn't for John's help I don't know where I would be right now. I have a new life and hope of greater things for my future. My heart is very grateful."
January 1, 2018

Rayelle Ulibarri

"If you want guaranteed tax resolution, I stand by Integrity Financial 100%! They're trustworthy, on point and the best company to hire. Any other tax company is a scam! Do your research before hiring any other company. I got scammed three times before I hired Integrity! It changed my life for the best!"