Tax Lien Resolution in Longmont, CO

A tax lien occurs whenever delinquent taxes are owed on your real estate or personal property. Failure to pay your income tax and other taxes could expose you to this fate. A quick reminder: IRS delinquencies are avoidable, saving you from unwanted trouble and business continuity issues. Understanding how to resolve such standoffs could help avert crises. Here are insights into tax lien resolution:

  • Settle Your Tax Debt

    Settling your tax debt is the only way to erase tax liens on your property. Resolving the debt forces the IRS to release your lien in about 30 days from the day you have paid in full the agreed-to amount. Often IFA can negotiate a lower settlement figure based on the available business assets. Be realistic about your situation; if you have a ton of assets and equity, you must pay more than when the business assets are few. The IRS is NOT the Sisters of Mercy. They plan to collect every penny they can, like all good bill collectors. Let IFA help you get the best possible outcome.

  • Subordination

    A subordination is when the IRS yields, or subordinates its right to the equity of your property that has been liened, in order to allow you to refinance the mortgage or take a loan against your property to repay some or all of your tax debt.


A withdrawal removes a public notice on your property. The idea is to show that the IRS is not contending with other creditors for your property. However, you will still be liable for the tax debt.

Undoubtedly, IRS or state tax delinquencies are no fun. The government hits hard when coming after its money, regardless of how it affects your business. At Integrity, we offer a variety of tax lien resolutions and GUARANTEE resolution or give you back your money. Visit Integrity Financial Associates, Inc. and kickstart your financial freedom today!

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