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If We Are Unable to Resolve Your Business Tax Liability, We Will Refund Your Payments!

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Business Tax Consultant in Longmont, CO

Integrity Financial Associates, Inc. focuses on helping businesses address and alleviate their tax debts through swift, insightful action. Our team takes pride in upholding integrity and honesty through all of our tax services. We’ll even provide you with a full refund if we’re not able to resolve your liability! We address both state and federal tax liabilities to free you from the Tax Man’s grasp!

Say Goodbye to Tax Debts and Move Ahead

Businesses big and small face many challenges when it comes to paying taxes. It doesn’t take long to get into trouble with the IRS or state revenue bureaus by missing a payment, getting behind on your filings or failing to pay taxes altogether. If you’re saddled with penalties, fees or garnishments, don’t waste any time in contacting Integrity Financial Associates, Inc. We’re the business tax consultant American companies trust to get Uncle Sam off their back and out of their pocket!

Our many years of experience as business tax attorneys make us familiar with the challenges of operating with a tax debt on your books. The IRS and State Department of Revenue are collection agencies. Their goal is to collect as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, without regard for how it impacts your business. As a result, your tax debt could cripple your operations and keep your business from growing and flourishing. Many businesses even close up shop because they simply can’t sustain operations with tax debt hanging over them.

Choose Integrity Financial Associates, Inc. as your tax negotiator and stand up to these agencies and their zealous collection practices! Our team of problem-solvers has decades of business tax resolution experience and the insight to understand the unique position you’re in. We’ve helped thousands of businesses nationwide put an end to their lingering tax debts through settlements with amicable terms. Our goal is to take the stress away and solve your problem, so you sleep better and worry less.

Contact us today to open a dialog with our business tax resolution specialists. We’ll assess your situation, plan a resolution and aggressively pursue your best interests, so you can finally shake the Tax Man off your back. And, if we can’t help you reach a settlement, we’ll give you your money back—that’s how dedicated we are to your business’ success. Call today to get started!

  • We’re so confident in our abilities, we promise a resolution or your money back!
  • Our experience and capabilities extend to situations involving State and/or Federal tax.
  • During our time in business we’ve helped thousands of clients resolve their tax burdens.
  • Our team of tax resolution experts has decades of experience behind them.
  • We proudly maintain an A+rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We are tax negotiators for clients nationwide for federal and state tax solutions (except state taxes in Oregon)

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Carrying a hefty tax burden around? Give our trusted tax negotiation service a call and get it off your back! We have a stellar track record of helping clients alleviate their debt and get their financial freedom back. Call today!

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